Established in 2018, KDI Holdings’ high tech agriculture project – KDA aims at advanced agricultural products for both domestic and international markets. The KDA farm is located on an area of 100 ha in Dak Lak province, which is expected to increase to 400 ha in 2021.

Bulk export to Chinese market, South Korean market, and Singaporean market

In 2019, KDA harvested high volumes and exported 3700 tons of bananas to 5 major Chinese ports: Tianjin, Guangxi, Guangdong, Shanghai, Dalian, as well as landing at potential markets such as South Korea and Singapore. For first-time export to overseas markets, KDA has acquired a considerable reputation for the quality of the product with Chinese consumers. KD Green Farm, the company of KDA brand, has become the only enterprise in Dak Lak province to officially export bananas to Chinese market. At the same time, it is famous in Vietnam, Philippines, Laos and Cambodia.

Modern and eco-friendly manufacturing process

With a modern manufacturing process and a closed model from planting to products, the waste from stems, leaves, bananas is turned back to organic fertilizer and microorganisms for being environmentally friendly. These are supported by Dak Lak authorities and local people. Exported bananas must meet hundreds of strict criteria from soil, water, fertilizer, planting, harvesting, preliminary, preserving processes,... Despite being a newly established business, KDA has initially achieved certain success thanks to efforts and dedication of leaders, engineers, staff and farmers who always seek new things and apply science and technology to high tech agriculture.