S.T.E.M Education

KDI Education

KDI Education was founded on the principle that every child in Vietnam should have the right to access technologically advanced education. As one of the pioneers in implementing the STEM education model into regional schools, KDI Education aims to contribute to the transformation of the education industry in Vietnam.

The world’s leading professionals indicate that traditional education will not be enough to prepare students for the change. The students need new approaches, teaching and learning methods to help them have adaptive working ability to the future. STEM, which stands for “Science, Technology, Engineering and Math” through the Innovation Space, is the optimal education model. Through the project, KDI Education not only nurtures knowledge, skills and qualities of inventors, but also provides facilities, teachers and training programs.

Innovation Space:
Innovation Space is a space where students use their own patent tools from the simple to the sophisticated and modern ones such as pliers, scissors, 3D printers, laser cutters, etc. for their own projects.

Teaching Lab:
Besides training students, KDI Education prepares a large number of resources in STEM education research and development and offers the latest technologies such as AI, 3D printing … into teaching. In addition, KDI Education regularly holds training courses for teachers at all levels on how to implement STEM education model in schools.